It’s a fact: Security is crucial to establish and maintain trust.

An unprotected website is a security risk to customers, other businesses, and public/government sites. It allows for the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, and even attacks against national targets and infrastructure. In many of these attacks, hackers will try to harness the combined power of thousands of computers and sites to launch this attacks, and the attacks rarely lead directly back to the hackers.


Web Server

Securing a web server is as important as securing the website or web application itself and the network around it. If you have a secure web application and an insecure web server, or vice versa, it still puts your business at a huge risk.

Database Server

We use schemas and security domains to control access to data and to restrict the use of various database resources.



We ensure that the hosted application scripts are secure and contain no vulnerability. We apply many security layers to protect your value.

We set the value, not price.