What customers expect?

Customers go to your store to shop for health and beauty products, and expect an enjoyable and quick in-and-out experience. Our iPad POS is the one-stop solution for all of your business needs, allowing quick checkouts with a tap of the finger using our Simple Scan Technology. You can also easily create dozens of helpful analytic reports and export your data to Excel and Quickbooks. Save time, increase profit, and keep your customers always wanting more.

Multi-Channel Commerce

Sell online, in-store, and on mobile – all on one platform. Working across the different platforms is made simple like never before.


It enables you to take advantage of innovative and new technology while accommodating customer preferences and meeting store space requirements.


Provides the powerful functionalities and manages decisional operations including Improved Inventory Management, Automated Order Processing, Prescription Tracking, and Electronic Wholesaler Communications.

User management

Easy user management enables you to manage multiple user levels. You can also control the modules and actions of the users.

Self Service Checkout

Offers self checkout systems with multiple cabinet designs and functionality options. This allows the retailer to build a self service self checkout approach that best fits their business and customers. Because all self checkout designs run from the same point of sale software platform, retailers can mix and match design and functionality within the same location.

Multistore & Warehouse

Whether the enterprise has ten stores or hundreds of stores, one warehouse or many, POS leverages modern web technology and proven EDI standards to allow chain retailers to reduce labor overhead and operational complexities, while simultaneously optimizing warehouse inventories and streamlining demand-related processes across the

Back Office Suite

Back Office Management, Extensive Reporting & Analytics.
Why do some retailers make it while so many others fail? There may be many contributing factors, but a major component is having the ability to make critical decisions based on real, actionable data. Information is power. It fuels many vital components of successful enterprise operation, including resource management.

We set the value, not price.