Network Protection & Access Control

iPA’s Network Security services comprise of Network Security Audit and other network security services across various areas including; Network Protection, URL Access Control and Subscriber Protection.


Network Security Audit

  • Review of security settings around key network elements (HLR/AUC, MSC, IN, GGSN/SGSN, SS7 etc).
  • Review of interfaces with VAS and OSS/BSS elements.
  • Identifying potential security risks and possible impact and severity.
  • Network segregation review.
  • Encryption & ciphering standards.
  • Review of security strategy and management from organizational perspective.
  • Security incident reporting & escalation processes.
  • Review of security implementation tools.

Stress Testing

  •  We test the network device/element under abnormal network load, significantly higher than the normal load.
  • Ensure that the software does not fail in conditions of insufficient computational resources like lack of memory or CPU utilization.
  • Protect against denial of service attacks.


Network Security Services

  • Identify threats and risks and inform the network security manager of a suspicious activity.
  • Identify and authorize users and control their access to software and data.
  • Filter the web traffic in order to prevent visiting dangerous or unauthorized websites.
  • Provide the immediate security response to identified threats.

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