Get forecasts for your business

No matter the style of your business, our CRM solution will be a perfect fit for your business. With iPA’s solution you will be able to easily automate the customer and sales processes and get forecasts for your business.


Sell more

With iPA’s CRM View for Activities, you will be able to equally divide your focus on several sales activities while ensuring that your are selling at a even faster rate than before.

Grow more

iPA’s CRM solution allows you to optimize the best assets of your business by targeting products your customers need most, and by doing so you allow your business to grow more and continue selling at high rates.


Know more

iPA offers a tracking tool that includes dynamic reports and dashboards, which can provide you with comprehensive information about your sales activities and the patterns of your customers (sales cycle, deal sizes, contact history, and competitor information).

We set the value, not price.