iPA’s Custom Shopping Cart

iPA’s custom shopping cart solution is built to address the problems faced in open source shopping cart systems, which usually come with extra unwanted features.
Our shopping cart solution is always customized to address the needs of our customers. The solution is fast, robust and supports the large catalog-sized shops. It also comes with various payment gateways specifically targeting the UAE market.


We designed the cart based on real world analogy. It allows customers to continue adding products to the cart until reaching the checkout point.


Our custom cart solution supports all levels of catalog sizes. It is fast in responding and efficient in actions.

Simple Checkout

Our cart comes with simple one-step checkout solutions. With integration with high ranking shipping companies, customers only need to fill out a few fields and then checkout.

Payment Gateways

Not only is iPA the only organization in the UAE that offers local payment gateways solutions, it also provides international gateways integration.

Custom eCommerce:

There are many ready made eCommerce solutions available. Some of the most important problems that these shopping cart, users usually face are:

  • The solution does not reflect all edges of user’s business.
  • It might not be possible to integrate it into user’s existing website.
  • User might need a special functionality which is not impossible with ready made shopping carts.