Incept your Brand

Our team of strategists, designers and creative writers work cohesively to incept your brand and reinforce a corporate identity.

Brand Positioning

We create the better brand positioning statements and we identify the direct brand competitors and help you to create brand uniqueness. We develop a distinct and value based data for your brand.

Brand Development

iPA aims to help your business improve its efficiency, to increase relevance to its target market , or to zero in on a totally new demographic of customers.

We, at iPA have the services to clearly identify the needs of your target demographic and bring customers to your business.

Experiential Branding

iPA has the ability to create brand experiences across all consumer touch points with potential as well as target customers in areas ranging from entertainment venues, malls and restaurants to educational institutes and homes.

Logo and Identity Design

We are here to create your perceived emotional corporate image as a whole, the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. We aim to create a simple and unique image that is uniquely tailored to your business.

Corporate Identity Creation.

iPA is here to help you cover all the visual aspects of your overall brand. We develop the strategies for you to make your customers aware of your business and what they can get from you.

Graphic Standards

iPA artists are in continuous adherence to the international Brand & Visual Identity guidelines, including word-marks, graphic elements and colors, will create a strong identity. We care about graphic standards that apply to all visual representations of the brand, including brochures, newsletters, electronic communications, websites and signage.

Style Guide

We create brilliant style guides unique to your business interactive illustrations being part of the guide. iPA’s designers and copywriters do not fill pages with industry jargon, but create something that will appeal to both you and your customers.

We set the value, not price.