Educational Services

iPA exclusively provides the in house educational services and also provide the consultancy services to colleges and universities.

iPA’s education boosts student recruitment retention and alumni relationship

iPA’s education marketing brand is built to deliver on two goals common to most higher education institutions: student recruitment / retention and alumni relationship management. All student recruitment and retention efforts are centered on attracting new prospects, boosting enrollment rates by 25%, predicting likelihood to enroll, getting in the prospective students’ inboxes at a rate 3.5X the industry average, and resurrecting older prospects to recommit or disqualify.

When you consider that more students are conducting their research for higher education institutions online, the importance of delivering results that matter is clear.

iPA ‘s contribution in your education

  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Shape classes with the right student mix
  • Improve retention with better understanding of student data
  • Minimize discount rates
  • Manage student relationships
  • Connect key stakeholders

Technology focused education

With Technology focused education, students can interact with and learn from lesson materials directly from the web rather than the traditional passive transfer of information.
Technology has empowered institutions as much as students. A “smart campus” saves hundreds of man hours in:

  • Scheduling & classroom allocation
  • Advising and enrollment
  • Payment processing
  • Many other automated processes

A commitment that goes beyond product

That support we are providing to the education institutions and students does not end at a software, webpage, or content management. We want to make sure that they all have the tools of success. So, we put our educators and professionals with the team to work closely with them and provide firsthand support.